"Only when you see the reality of that what is & what was, will you then see that which will be!"


The intention of this website, is to help people snap out of the illusion that has been forced on us, and learn to see the true reality.


There have been a few so-called conspiracy theories over the years, some I believed with all my heart and others I deemed as preposterous. 5 years ago, i would have told you that the 'New World Order' was bollocks, but today, I can say with absolute certainty, they are real!

There is a global cabal that has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Between them they have accumulated most of the worlds industries and wealth, they have become very, very powerful indeed!


"Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"


Over the decades, they have devised many ways to keep us all divided, be it class, race, religion, colour, sex, political standing & now gender. They create them all, people are not inherently racist, sexist or anything else, yet the cabal deploy these divisive notions, then the more brainwashed or corrupt liberal politicians use them, as if they were real, to suppress our freedom of speech or whatever else. The political split between left & right was also created by them, it is not real! They did it so opposing views could be labelled, then they could be targeted & shut-down. Whenever I refer to 'the left', I am referring to the liberals, progressives or anyone that is under their control, living under their manufactured perception of reality.


Amongst their most powerful tools are the mainstream media, the education system & the banking system. The mainstream media is used to control the public by swaying public opinion, helping lies become facts in the eyes of the masses, basically manufacturing our perception of reality. From an early age we are taught to believe, without question what we hear from the media.

The education system is used to indoctrinate our children, attempting to create future generations that are easier to manipulate. Control the children, control the future. It is also used to 'edit' facts, for example, historical facts about the Nazi's.


If you need evidence of this, simply locate an early edition of a history book that was published a year or so after world war 2, I found one at car boot sale. Then go to a library to locate the most recent edition of the same book, and compare the two. They almost read like polar opposites!

There is also evidence of this manipulation online. Simply view the Nazi party's wikipedia page from an earlier time, about 10 years or so ago. View it via the internet archiving service, way back machine, which can be found here:

You will see how the facts regarding Hitler & the Nazi’s have been altered by 'the left' in an effort to separate themselves from the Nazi's in the eyes of the public. The truth being that the Nazi's were progressive liberal socialists and NOT nationalists.

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