I am going to begin by talking about the EU, after which everyone should understand why Brexit is so important & absolutely must happen. I shall begin with.......

The Origins of the E.U.

Imagine this, it is world war 2, Hitler & his troops are seemingly unstoppable, confident of victory. Then in 1941 things took a dramatic turn as America officially joined the war. As victory no longer seemed inevitable, the third Reich created an alternate plan to get control of Europe should they lose the war. The plan was a long-range deception strategy to create a single Federal European state with the erosion of each nation’s sovereignty, currency and the powers to determine its own laws and affairs, was finalised by the Geopolitical Centre of the third Reich in Berlin in 1942. This was done with the effect that should the Nazis lose the war militarily, they could continue their plans for a European dictatorship economically by way of corporatism and political subversion. Their future vision of Europe is detailed in the seminars entitled ‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ (public document worldcat OCLC number 31002821). Translated into English as ‘European Economic Community’ and has been herein presented as evidence. The chapter headings of this Nazi document were replicated almost verbatim in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty.

Since the end of the Second World War, diverse treasonous persons, groups and movements supporting this ideology have conspired to build on this agenda which has become known as the EUROPEAN UNION.


The involvement of the United Kingdom in this agenda began in 1948 with the formation of the European movement. This was a state funded Anglo-French pro-federal European lobbying body posing as a non-governmental grass roots pressure group. A link outlining the detailed origins of this movement have been provided herein. The said movement is still publicly active today, lobbying for complete European integration and a European constitution.


The first move towards a federal Europe did not involve Britain directly; it was the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957 by Germany, France, Italy, Belgium Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Meticulous research has uncovered a wealth of official, archived documents from the period 1970 - 1972 which shows the deceit perpetrated by the ruling elite at the time and these documents have been released under the thirty-year rule.


The common law applies to all sovereign living breathing men and women and dictates that we are all born free to do what we choose for ourselves provided we do not cause harm, injury or loss to another’s life, liberty or property or their rights to life, liberty or property.


England, within the United Kingdom of Great Britain, is a common law jurisdiction and British parliament has no lawful authority ever to breach, surrender, land, or transfer, even temporarily, sovereignty except when conquered in war.


No one (neither monarch, nor prime minister, nor any prelate, politician, judge or public servant) is above the common law of Great Britain that forms the British constitution (Magna Carta 1215, the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/89, the Coronation Oath Act 1689 and the Acts of Union Succession and Settlement 1701 – 1707).


The Declaration of rights 1688 is an unrebutted claim of right by the people and therefore beyond the reach of parliament and still stands to this day. That declaration includes the clause no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. This is mirrored in the Bill of Rights 1689 which still stands as legislation.


Treason in statute law was redefined by the Treason Act 1795 for the principal forms to include;


a) compassing the death or serious injury of the sovereign or his (or her) spouse or eldest son;

b) levying war against the sovereign in his (or her realm), which includes, any insurrection against the authority of the sovereign or of the government that goes beyond riot or violent disorder;

c) giving aid or comfort to the sovereign’s enemies in wartime.


Treason at common law is the offence of attempting to overthrow the government of a state to which the offender owes allegiance; or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power.

Sedition at common law means overt conduct such as speech and organisation, which is deemed by the legal authority as tending toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition includes the subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority.


The evidence presented in the ‘Shoehorned into the EU’ files show that the Heath Government of 1972 was well aware that an essential loss of British sovereignty would occur within thirty years with the passing of the European Communities Bill and knew it would, in all likelihood, be rejected if brought to the people, which of course it was not. This in itself is an Act of Sedition at common law.


The passage of the European Communities Act in 1972, establishing the principle that European law would always prevail over British law in the event of a clash, thereby overthrowing the supremacy of the British parliament, was a criminal Act of Treason at common law by the Heath Administration.


The signing of the single European Act in 1986 reducing Britain’s independent decision-making powers further by extending majority voting in certain areas of policy making, was a criminal Act of Treason at common law by the Thatcher Administration.


The signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, based on the original EEC Berlin document (1942), surrendering sovereign powers of the Queen in parliament to an unelected body in Europe was a criminal Act of Treason at common law by the Major Administration.

The signing of the Amsterdam Treaty in 1997 increased the European Union’s powers for action at community level. This included further European Integration in legislative, police, judicial, customs and security matters and strengthened Europol. The signing of this Treaty was a further Act of Treason at common law by the Blair Administration.


With the full knowledge of this Treason and to escape prosecution, the Blair Government repealed the Treason legislation in section 36 of the ‘Crime and Disorder Act’ of 1998, abolishing the death penalty. This including the repealing of the Treason Act 1795. However, the crime of Treason at common law still stands as common law has primacy and is beyond the reach of parliament. A link outlining these changes to the statute has been provided herein.


The signing of the Nice Treaty in 2001 and the EU constitution in 2004 were further Acts of Treason at common law by the Blair Administration.


In an attempt to further protect themselves against criminal prosecution the Blair Government removed the word ‘sovereignty’ from the oath of office of constables in the ‘police Reform Act 2002 [section 83] and also modified the legislation to enable non-British nationals to become officers [section 82]. These are acts of both sedition and treason a common law. A link to evidence these changes to the statutes has been presented herein.


The signing of the Lisbon Treaty in 2008 surrendered further control of policy including that Page 3 of 5 related to immigration and borders. This was a further crime of Treason at common law by the Brown Administration.


The Treasury department of the European Community has never allowed an independent audit by professional accountants of their books in the last 14 years. One year of non-publication is a criminal offence. In fact, its financial accounts have been disapproved by the EU’ s own court of auditors for the past 14 years running. This crime has already been reported to the UK serious fraud office by former MP Ashley Mote. They are in possession of the evidence and have confirmed to him that the remittance of British taxpayer’s funds into the hands of this criminal enterprise is, of course, a criminal offence.


A signed letter written to former constable of Thames valley police, Albert Burgess, from Leolin Prince QC on the subject of the Heath Treason evidence states that the case he (Burgess) puts forward is ‘arguable’ and does ‘merit serious consideration and investigation.’ To the best of my knowledge the letter is authentic and a link to this evidence has been herein provided.


The six EU Treaties since 1972 are unlawful and should be struck completely from the statute books, void ab initio.


‘Shoehorned into the E.U.’, available from the links below, contains the complete documented evidence of the sedition and treason that has been collected as evidence from the public records office. These require YOUR IMMEDIATE AND PROFESSIONAL ATTENTION.

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